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About Us

Beat Street Connection is a production company specializing in the creation of music videos and other digital content for record labels, ad agencies, and web marketers.  We believe in a collaborative approach to identify our client's needs.  We achieve creative excellence by involvement from conceptualization to realization.  

We are a full service production agency.  From scripts, to production, to post-production, we do it all. We also offer industry products such as contact lists and referrals.


Our Team

Kathy Lee - Owner and CEO



Rebecca Redmond - CFO



 Emily Nguyen - Accounting



Brian Williams - Talent Acquisition



Justice White - Publicity



Linda Goodspeed - Production Assistant



How it Works

We also supply the artist and aspiring artist with record industry contacts.  The hardest part of getting a record label contract is finding the right contacts and being heard!

It's almost impossible for musicians who are just starting out to know who the industry power players are. With over 19 years of music industry experience, Beat Street Connection has built relationships with many record companies and we've collected vast quantities of contact information. It’s our mission to get this information into the hands of unsigned musicians so their dreams can become a reality! 






I was just starting out in the music industry. I had been in bands and played lots of shows, but I wanted to take my music to the next level. One of my songs was especially good, I felt; so I wanted to get it in front of the right people, and get it cut.

There were a few people at various record labels for whom I had phone numbers. I contacted these people and they all told me to send them the song. I did just that.

A few weeks later, I got a notice in the mail that explained how a certain record label wanted to cut my song. I week later, I signed a contract and two months after that, I started getting paid!

I owed my success to the contacts that I had made. That’s why they are so important!


Here’s a story of how the contacts of two ordinary guys from small towns in Utah wrote a #1 Country Hit...

Erik Hickenlooper was a young pharmasueticals rep and Jim Funk was a school teacher. They loved to write and record songs in an old barn whenever they could. They had a passion for music!

They recorded a song on an 8-track recorder called "Buy me a Rose". They new it was a great song, but nobody else did. So they started working on their connections. Over time, they obtained significant contact information for important players in the industry. They were finally able to get their music in front of someone who could do something with it.

A few months later, "Buy me a Rose" was recorded by Kenny Rogers and it reached #1 on the country charts. The success of this song came about because of the contacts that these two men had.